Drone Roof Inspection

Roof tile for Drone Roof Inspections in Florida
Florida Roof Inspection with Drone

We offer Drone Roof Inspection in Florida!

Roofs are extremely important to your house and your safety. To protect yourself from crawling on your roof to inspect it, call PDQHomeInspections! PDQHomeInspections has a licenses sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) license through the FAA. With this, PDQHomeInspections uses the newest and greatest drone technology capable of capturing high resolution images and videos to ensure a proper roof inspection of your Florida home.

Florida home inspector Jamie Smith inspecting a roof of a building with a DJI drone while holding controller and with video on iPhone screen

What you get with our Drone Roof Inspection service:

  • In-depth and thorough inspection of your roof.
  • A list of issues found by the home inspector.
  • A complete and information filled report with photos and a list of everything inspected.

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Florida home inspector Jamie Smith flying a DJI Mini 2 drone in the bright blue sky

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