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We offer Home Guard / Home Watch Services in Florida!

Do you live in Florida part-time? You aren’t the only one! There are many others out there who visit the wonderful sun-shine state for a few months out of the year to escape the freezing cold of the North. Now, do you ever worry about your home away from home while you aren’t there? That’s completely normal! We check your home regularly while you are away and check for any issues that may cause havoc or disasters.

All home watch services and inspections are completed by a trusted and certified home inspector. This home inspector will look for issues and notify you of anything out of the ordinary. Home watch services are perfect for peace of mind and knowing that your property and possessions are safe and secure.

What you get with our Home Watch and Guard service:

  • Consistent checking of your home and property.
  • Notifications of the day and time of a inspection.
  • Notifications of if any issues were found.

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